Top 8 Ship Tracker Website For Monitoring Vessel Location


Ship tracking website for monitoring vessel location – Very fast technological advances along with increasing methods of monitoring and tracking ships. The fast-growing satellite service makes tracking ships around the world easier. The effect is an increase in ship security from various threats.

With the help of a satellite-based ship movement monitoring system or commonly called VMS – Vessel Monitoring Vessel, we can monitor ships efficiently and effectively. With the help of an automatic identification system or commonly known as AIS – Automatic Identification System, the system helps track larger vessels in crossing waters around the world by offering real time information about vessel information.

Top 8 Ship Tracker Website For Monitoring Vessel Location
Top 8 Ship Tracker Website For Monitoring Vessel Location

Currently several sites provide vessel monitoring using AIS to display real time location. In simple terms, the system provided by these sites is similar to marine GPS and we can monitor it according to the database owned by the site.

With the help of transponders equipped on board the ship, the satellite will collect the AIS signal from the ship to provide data on the position, route, speed and type of the ship, through various online platforms. What's more with the introduction of Google Earth which can process ship tracking, allowing access to every detail of almost any ship in seconds.

However, because there are various online services in providing ship monitoring information, each has a different purpose. Please note that ship tracking carried out through these online platforms is often intended for educational purposes.

Although most of these service providers promise “real-time” ship locations, the data displayed is always a few minutes or even hours behind. Accordingly, this information is NOT to be used for navigational purposes.

Top 8 Ship Tracker Website For Monitoring Vessel Location

We will mention a list of reputable sites that are widely used for near-accurate monitoring of ship movements. This ship tracker provides not only the location of the ship, but also the technical and non-technical details, the specified route, and we can even upload photos of the ship.

1. MarineTraffic 

MarineTraffic is one of the most popular and widely used online ship movement monitoring systems. This system provides real-time ship data with advanced search features. There are AIS satellite coverage services, improved satellite tracking, sophisticated maps and nautical charts etc.

Apart from ship tracking, MarineTraffic can also track various Ports from around the world. The AIS system of this website offers a large database of ships of every type. According to MarineTraffic, it records at least 800 million ship positions as well as 18 million ships and port-related events every month and also offers information on 650000 marine assets such as ships, ports and lights, etc.

Marine Tracking - MV Dobonsolo
Marine Tracking - MV Dobonsolo

This project is an open and community based project. MarineTraffic offers a number of free services. While more advanced features come at a cost. According to its website, the site operates more than 2,000 AIS stations located in more than 165 countries and has more than 600,000 registered users and approximately 20 million visits to its website each month.

2. FleetMon

FleetMon is another open database system of ships and ports around the world, offering real time AIS ship position data, along with technical information on over 500,000 ships. The site provides ship details, port schedules and arrivals, trade patterns, and photos according to the visitor's search.

Vessel tracking sample - Fleetmon
Vessel tracking sample - Fleetmon

This site uses an interactive tool called FleetMon Explorer, you can view the actual sea traffic view and access information about operations monitoring, logistics scheduling, fleet tracking and traffic analysis etc. Founded in 2007, FleetMon currently has customers in 164 countries. Fleet Mon is one of the best ship tracking services that also offers iPhone and iPad apps.

3. Shipfinder 

ShipFinder is a widely used online ship tracking service that allows searching of ships through various options like ship number, tonnage and capacity, ownership, construction etc.

This online service collects AIS vessel data used by ships of more than 300 tons, passenger ships and small vessels such as cruise ships to provide real-time information to its customers. this site also saves user search history to provide better user experience and also this site offers premium paid membership for more advanced usage.

4. VesselFinder 

Founded in 2011, VesselFinder offers real-time data on more than 100,000 vessels daily with the help of a large network of terrestrial AIS receivers.

Offering services across digital, social and mobile platforms, VesselFinder offers efficient monitoring, port call and master data services as well as detailed voyage history of each vessel. In addition, it also provides historical AIS Data services that provide customized ship movement reports, traffic density analysis and video simulation of ship movements, among others.

5. Vesseltracker

With a database of over 1,000,000 vessels, Vesseltracker provides customizable real-time and historical data about ships sailing around the world. It will help users to monitor ships with the help of map views and layers like from Google satellite, google earth and nautical charts etc.

This website has a huge database consisting of updated ship specifications, characteristics, ownership and management information etc. In addition, Vesseltracker offers analysis and reports on vessel movements and events in port.

6. VT Explorer

VT Explorer offers its users with real-time AIS position data and technical information of more than 100,000 ships every day. Terlepas dari informasi yang diperlukan, situs web juga menyediakan gambar dari semua kapal yang dilacak. Tersedia untuk penggunaan dari komputer pribadi dan seluler Anda, VT Explorer membantu memantau jadwal dan kedatangan kapal untuk menganalisis pola perdagangan.

7. myshiptracking

myshiptracking is another powerful website that provides real-time ship positions worldwide. With its large database, myshiptracking allows users to efficiently monitor ships and ports to analyze marine traffic around the world. This website also allows you to store our browsing data and also offers its services to iPhone and Android users via a mobile application.

8. Cruisemapper

Unlike other online ship monitoring sites, CruiseMapper offers information about the positions and schedules of various cruise ships that serve travelers around the world. With a database of cruise ships and ports, this website provides information on the features and technical specifications of each cruise ship and information for the main ports that accommodate cruise ships.

That's information about the world-famous ship movement monitoring website. May this article be useful for us.


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