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ABM & CIRCLE NAVIGATION, established under the law of The Republic of Indonesia, is a Government licensed company operating in the supply of Indonesian Seafarer's to foreign employers, with specialization in the supply of qualified Indonesian seafarers (ship's personnel). --Backed by a strong managerial and trained qualified staff having maritime industry as their background, it has become one of the outstanding manpower suppliers having direct access to various education and training institutions for various occupations. --The company was set up to overcome labor shortage and increasing demands for seafarer's arising out of the changes in the international shipping industry as well as other shore based industries in the developed countries. The increase of labor cost in such countries has changed the orientation of the employers to developing countries where equal qualified labor could be obtained at less labor cost. --ABM & CIRCLE NAVIGATION does not adhere to misleading opinion that employment of seafarer's from developing countries is identical to employment of cheap unskilled seafarer's. --ABM & CIRCLE NAVIGATION has a strict regulation to supply only seafarer's on par with the internationally standards of the International Maritime Convention on the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping STCW 1978 amended 1995. --License and certificates according to the requirements of Convention STCW 78' as amended (ISM CODE,SOLAS, MARPOL, etc): --Seamen at low rating ranks are educated at seafarers college, have good practical skills and proper experience: --Fitters are with good welding skills, previous experienced in Shipyards (PT. DOK Jakarta) and at sea on different type of vessels: --The main goal of the Company is to strengthen her positions as a leader in professional selection, recruitment and placement all ranks of seafarers on ships, to carry out successfully her main activity in fast changing business environment, extending her market position and satisfaction of the customers' requirements trough high performance of manning . The main goal is built up on the following basic principles: customer focus, leadership, management commitment, employees involvement, continuous improvement of the processes and entity of the objectives, which the Agency sets and strives continuously to achieve, are set in her Quality Management System, certified in accordance to ISO 9001:2008 LRQA and MLC-2006 --Supported by experts of seafarer's supply, education and training, legal advisors etc having accredited backgrounds in their specified fields, ABM & CIRCLE NAVIGATION strife to become the best manning agency in Indonesia. --ABM = pt. ADICIPTA BANGUN MANDIRI

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+6221 7800 167
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Lingga Darma Building 1st Floor Warung Buncit Raya Street No. 17, Jakarta 12550 INDONESIA


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