Alpha Offshore Drilling (S) Pte Ltd

Alpha Offshore Drilling (S) Pte Ltd
Atwood Oceanics is a leading offshore drilling company [...]
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Atwood Oceanics is a leading offshore drilling company engaged in the drilling and completion of exploration and development wells for the global oil and gas industry. We are recognized by our clients as an industry leader in providing safe, reliable and efficient drilling services. With our recent fleet modernization program, we now operate one of the most technologically advanced drilling fleets in the world.----The “Atwood Team” of competent and motivated employees are inspired by Our Guiding Principles--to deliver outstanding service for our clients. For more than 45 years, Atwood employees have demonstrated that what we do is more than a job – we are passionate about offshore drilling!----Our Guiding Principles were developed exclusively by Atwood employees to define our company’s mission and our beliefs and values.--Our Company--Atwood Oceanics is a company of competent and motivated people who are genuinely committed to the success of our clients and are passionate about offshore drilling. We must deliver outstanding safety and operational performance to sustain our clients’ confidence and trust, provide an attractive workplace for our employees and create superior shareholder value – this is how we define success.----Our Beliefs and Values--Safety and Environmental Stewardship--We believe our most important responsibilities are to maintain the safety and health of the people who work on our rigs and at our onshore locations and to preserve the environments where we work.----Client Satisfaction--We believe our clients entrust us with their work because we provide safe, reliable and efficient drilling services with the highest level of responsiveness to their needs, applying industry best practices and advanced technologies.----Employee Focus--We believe our people are dedicated to performance excellence and want to achieve their full potential; we are committed to providing a workplace where they have every opportunity to succeed.----Value Creation--We believe our investors expect us to increase the long-term value of our company and deliver returns that exceed those of our competitors.----Integrity and Respect--We believe our success depends on conducting ourselves with the highest standards of integrity and respect for others, using plain talk and doing what we say we will do.

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