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Alphard Maritime SINGAPORE
Alphard Group is among the world’s fastest growing comp[...]
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Alphard Group is among the world’s fastest growing companies in shipping with global footprint and expertise in providing agnostic maritime industry services. Established in 2009, Alphard Maritime Group is world’s 2nd largest in maritime security space run by master mariners and security connoisseurs. Alphard group has offices in United Kingdom, Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Hong Kong and Dubai. ISO 9001:2008. 14001:2004 certified firm, managed by certified Master Mariners, Chief Engineers & technicians and trained & qualified professionals as our back office staffs. Approved by all classification societies, Alphard Maritime commenced its journey in maritime industry with UT Gauging services as Alphard UTG/NDT and has acquired 4 years of versed experience in undertaking ultra-sonic thickness measurement (UTM) of hull structures. The year 2012 was a breakthrough for Alphard Maritime as we launched our new company Alphard Maritime Security. It did not take us long to build our strong platform competing with many other companies being present in the Maritime Security industry for longer time and experience compared to us. Looking back now, it was not easy task to achieve the high standards while the mature rivals were ruling the industry but our dedicated team and our moral values have led us to become one of the leading firms in Maritime Security Services. In the beginning of 2013, Alphard Maritime opened up her sails to master Dry Docking Services. A vessel's dry docking is an intense task for the firm who owns her or manages her. Starting from finding the best possible yard, checking all requirements of your ship, nailing the negotiation and getting the job done efficiently and time & cost effectively, the whole procedure could be baffling. As an authorised agent for shipyards all over China and Europe, Alphard Dry Docks Management commits to watch your vessel all through the dry docking procedure and make your job smoothest as possible. And last but not the least, the Alphard Agency, opened up recently, is a move for us and an attempt to conquer even the shores. With our agency services in Sri Lanka and India, we intend to get the industry familiarised with our quality services before we spread our wings globally. With our well dedicated team, we are sure that it is not too far for our Alphard Agency to become a world renowned firm for getting your vessel for her smooth turnaround with minimum port stay. Background Alphard Maritime Security Alphard Security is one of the leading maritime security companies with primary focus on armed protection to vessels. With over 20 years of maritime & security experience, the firm is dedicated to maintain high disciplined ship security in any and every condition. All our operators are highly disciplined with years of experience in Defence Forces, Law Enforcement and are carefully vetted, tested and trained. Our security operators are carefully selected and are highly trained to be battle hardened in anti-piracy, anti-terrorist and anti-insurgency operations. Unconditional dedication to the mission and high discipline, are the trademark of Alphard Security. We implement the most current and advanced security operational techniques and best management practices. Alphard Dry Docks Management Alphard Maritime is an ISO 9001:2008. 14001:2004 certified and approved by classification societies as an agency to undertake the vessel for complete Dry Docking services. Managed by Master Mariners, Chief Engineers & technicians who have successfully acquired 4 years of full-fledged experience of serving Ship Owners as well as the Ship's Managers in the field of Dry Docking. Alphard Dry Dock have experience in almost all kind of vessels including but not limited to LNG, LPG, Oil/Chemical Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Passenger Ships, Rigs and Support Vessels. Alphard UTG/NDT Certified by ISO on ISO 9001:2008. 14001:2004 and approved by all classification societies, Alphard Maritime has been approved to undertake the ultra-sonic thickness measurement (UTM) of hull structures. One of our major services include undertaking Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) of hull structures in which our experience extends to all kind of vessels including LNG, LPG, Oil/Chemical Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Passenger Ships, Rigs and support vessels. Alphard Agency Alphard Agency has successfully acquired 4 years of full-fledged experience of serving Ship Owners as well as the Ship's Managers in the field of UT Gauging, Maritime Security and Dry Docks Management and now our vision is to extend our services in the field of Shipping Agency by providing quality shipping, logistics and marine services to every vessel passing by. The Alphard Code of Conduct Clients' Interest Will Always Come First We always have a clear understanding of our clients' demands, what they wish to accomplish and in what manner they would like to achieve it. As much as we value their interest and as valuable as we consider delivering them the best, even more than their expectations from us, we would never compromise on our code of business and business ethics. In any circumstances, we would not do anything out of the law, out of our company's legal binding policies or anything considered ethically immoral for that matter. Always Provide Independen And Objective Advice We consider our anatomy as one of our greatest strengths and in any scenario, when realized an off beam situation takes place, we will always be able to disagree on the spot regardless of our esteemed views or any monetary effect by them via fees. Professional Quality Of Our Work "The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is important" - Martin Luther King Jr. When it comes down to business, what Martin Luther King, Jr. said, we can definitely relate to that. We would rather be the best at what we do than be the biggest with poor quality of service. Our Assets Are Our People And Reputation We take pride in each & every person we appoint for the job as they have to go through a critical selection procedure before they make it into our well-coherent team. Being a part of the service industry, we are well-informed of the fact that without the best & finest, we cannot be the best & finest company ourselves. Always Treat The Clients With Utmost Discretion Our clients' confidentiality is always guarded with life at ALPHARD MARITIME GROUP of COMPANIES and we always make sure that the standards of services we provide are absolutely supreme. Intergrity & Honesty Are Heart & Soul Of Our Business We believe in fair competition so we give every firm a chance to prove themselves without denigrating anyone as we know that with our quality of service and finest selection procedure for the service providers we will always make it on top, even when we compete fairly. Creativity & Imagination In Everything We Conduct As they always say, Old is Gold, and it certainly will always be, we believe in constantly upgrading our procedure to provide the utmost service to our clients' problems and to cater to them accordingly. This way, we are always updated and we never lag behind of our clients' needs & expectations.

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