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Bepapindo Utama is a Maritime Manning Agency established with the sole and clear purpose of being a genuine link between seafarers and shipowners / shipmanagers. We are confident that providing quality, reliable and efficient services is the only certain way to steer a steady course towards achieving our objectives. We emphasize that the well-trained crew is of paramount importance on any ship. --The technical progress makes ships safer and more efficient. In the modern ship, everything from the hull design, through the propulsion plant to the navigation equipment is a result of intense research and development. The only exception to this rule is the key component on which everything else depends - the ship's complement. --The technology potential and complexity expands continuously, but the human element remains the basic factor. It is the human element on board the ship that provides the indispensable competence and experience for ensuring safe and efficient operation and environmental protection. Thus focussing on the role of human factor is crucial. This is the right place to go if you are a qualified and experienced Seafarer looking for a appropriate employment or a prospective Shipowner seeking for the qualified Indonesian officers and ratings for existing and planned bulk, tanker, general cargo, container and passenger vessels. --All of you are wellcome to register in our data base in order to further receive an employment offer or a recommendation for English and Professional Training, Certification, National legislation and other important issues of crewing --Medical Fitness --Each approved applicant must undergo a medical examination at appointed medical center. Seafarers are not accepted for employment through the agency without the availability of a valid Medical Certificate, ascertaining their fitness to carry out the duties of the intended rank. --The examinations comprise: physical examination, chest x-ray, electrocardiography, dermatological examination, visual acuity and colour perception, audiometry, blood count: serological test: hepatitis antigen test, urinalysis: stool examination: dental check: psychometric examination: drug and alcohol abuse test, AIDS Test. --Drug and Alcohol Abuse Policy --All seafarers are subjected to testing and screening for drugs and alcohol abuse during the required pre-joining medical examinations. BEPAPINDO UTAMA does not endorse the employment of any persons who are users of illegal drugs or have abused the use of alcohol. --Familiarisation and Training --BEPAPINDO UTAMA will ensure that all sea-going personnel are suitably trained and qualified to carry out their duties prior to their appointment to a vessel. --Induction familiarization and pre-joining briefing are carried out to make all crew members fully conversant with the shipowner's quality assurance system and requirements, flag state requirements, the specific tasks for each position and ship type, as well as the terms and conditions of the individual contract of employment

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