CAHAYA KARYA PERSADA, PT was founded in Jakarta on the [...]
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CAHAYA KARYA PERSADA, PT was founded in Jakarta on the 18th of April in 1998 by Mr. Syamsu Haidir as The Owner. --CAHAYA KARYA PERSADA, PT, is The Crewing Company in Indonesia. --The seafarers of "CAHAYA KARYA PERSADA, PT" are working only for Indonesian crews, repeating their contracts. Our seafarers are of high standard of maritime training and sound commercial practices. They are familiar with all aspects of ship's business and international maritime regulations which enable them to run efficiently and trouble free any ship. --The officers and the crew possess all necessary international licenses, including GMDSS certificate. Everybody officer graduated from Marine Academy and is able to write, read and speak English quite enough. --Since that time on we have gained a good deal of experience in selecting and supplying of qualified marine personnel to foreign Companies vessels. --Our data bank is fully candidates Seamen seafarers, all carefully selected and screened, certified in accordance to STCW-95 requirements, deck Officers who are graduated of Higher Marine Academies and Colleges, underwent training and obtained GMDSS certificates. --They have certain experience of work on Bulk carriers, RO-RO, Tankers, Reefers, Bulk Carriers, Containers, Cruise Vessel and any other merchant vessels. We are mostly interested in business partnership with some shipping Company for whom we could provide Crews from Indonesia.

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Jalan. Warakas V Rt. 09 Rw. 07 Gg. III No. 80-82, 14340 Kel. Warakas Kec. Tanjung Priok Jakarta Utara, Indonesia.


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