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The Kenz Figee Group combines almost 200 years of exper[...]
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The Kenz Figee Group combines almost 200 years of experience in the design, production and maintenance of offshore- and harbour cranes. Our roots in designing and building harbour- and land-based cranes date as far back as 1836 in Haarlem, the Netherlands. With the increase in offshore drilling and production activities in the North Sea, we expanded our product portfolio towards offshore hoisting and lifting equipment in the 1980’s and moved our headquarters to the Amsterdam area. Today, we supply the global offshore industries from our head office in the Netherlands and our local office in Singapore.----Kenz Figee is an established supplier of cranes and lifting solutions for the offshore- and harbour industries. Established in 1836, we build and design cranes that fit the specific needs of our clients, as well as international industry standards and legislation. Through experience, we know the importance of efficiency and reliability in the offshore- and harbour industries and as such we constantly work at innovative solutions that make day-to-day operations more efficient. In order to achieve this, we work with people who understand- and have a feeling for the work you do; who consider it a challenge to work out the best solution for your lifting- and hoisting requirements.

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Level 26 PSA Building 460 Alexandra Road Singapore 119963


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