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The Marine Online Platform is developed by a team of experienced maritime professionals who understand the fundamentals of the maritime business and how to digitalize the business processes of shipowners. To drive the maritime industry towards a more efficient, transparent and economical global system, Marine Online platform was developed. Marine Online offers 7 major maritime services:--Chartering | Port Agency | Bunkering | Ship Supply | Crewing | Marine Insurance | Ship Sale and Purchase | Marine News | Marine Tools | Member Service--Chartering--Inspired by the ride-hailing service model, Marine Online chartering platform introduces the smart search and match of suitable offers. Push notifications will be sent when a matching offer becomes available. By simply publishing cargo information on Marine Online, our platform’s algorithm can provide an intelligent analysis of available vessels with the best match. Marine Online facilitates ease of direct communication online for both parties and negotiation on offers is made effortless. Equipped with supply/demand visualization of the market and having communication history saved in the cloud storage together with freight market transparency significantly improves the efficiency of finding cargoes and the utilization rate of the vessel. --Port Agency--Shipowners are able to find a list of port agency companies handpicked by the platform to provide relevant port services with competitive rates in the shortest time eliminating unnecessary waiting time from middlemen or external third party services. There are more than 400 port agency companies on Marine Online, categorized by their port location and respective services. By simply filling up a simple enquiry form a shipowner can easily find a suitable agency at the port of his choice and receive multiple quotations from agencies from that port. The shipowner can then select the ideal port agency company according to the costs, payment terms and the company profile Marine Online also allows shipowners to add their preferred agencies on to Marine Online platform. --Bunkering--Fuel cost is one of the most important considerations for shipowners and charterers. Marine Online allows our customer to conveniently find quality suppliers at lower price sets. We have partnered with various fuel suppliers in major bunkering ports around the world to provide bunkering services to shipowners 24?7. Shipowners just need to state their voyage plan and bunkering demand on Marine Online platform and quotations will be sent in the shortest possible time. Shipowners can choose the most suitable suppliers according to the fuel price, payment terms, supplier strength, and other factors before placing orders. --Ship Supply--Providing spare parts, provisions, lubricants, food and other marine supplies for vessels is one of the most important components of ship management, and it is also the most time-consuming and labor-intensive step. In the traditional order process, shipowners have to spend time monitoring and pay a high cost to ensure smooth delivery. Recognizing the traditional inefficiency Marine Online came up with a ship supply solution based on the e-commerce model. Some of the major manufacturers of spare parts, ship stores, and lubricants from various parts of the world have opened their online store on Marine Online platform. Some of the products are sold directly from Marine Online, while other products are sold directly by the manufacturers. It minimizes the intermediate links and improves efficiency and reduces costs. In order to solve the problem of logistics and delivery, Marine Online cooperates with internationally renowned logistics companies and the shipping networks of various ports to provide comprehensive services such as warehousing, customs declaration, and distribution to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of products. Shipowners can either directly search for products or add into the shopping cart to purchase or send an enquiry directly to ship suppliers for quotation, and then choose from several quotes based on factors such as price, payment terms, supplier rating, etc. to make the deal. After the transaction is completed, shipowners can rate and comment on the supplier’s product quality, quality of service and distribution efficiency to create a more realistic and high-quality service system. --Crewing--Crew members play a vital role in the actual management and operation of the ship thus ensuring time and cost-efficient recruitment of qualified crew becomes one of the most important functions of ship management. Marine Online has provided two specialized services for crew recruitment and crew training. There are more than 130,000 crew profiles on Marine Online platform. Shipowners can choose to contact the crew directly (*T&C Applies) or choose from hundreds of manning agencies that have an online presence on Marine Online platform. Should a shipowner decide to choose the manning agencies’ service, they only need to fill up a request for quotation ( RFQ ) form and Marine Online will organize qualified agencies to propose a centralized quotation based on factors such as type of vessels, number of seafarers, length of contract and annual crew budget proposal. There are various maritime training courses listed on the Marine Online platform which are published by hundreds of crew training centers worldwide. Selection of training courses and request of quotation and making course reservation is convenient and effortless on Marine Online platform. --Marine Insurance--In order to meet the diversified maritime insurance needs and various insurance scenarios, Marine Online has collaborated with the world’s leading marine insurance companies to provide you with personalized insurance services based on the e-commerce model. Marine Online develops standardized insurance products based on online transaction with leading insurance companies. Marine Online allows purchasing of cargo insurance during fixture in chartering module with just one click; For vessel-related insurance which can be provided on a “case by case” basis, Marine Online also provide the smart matching model of “one enquiry, multiple quotations” allowing shipowners to find the best insurer for their needs. --Ship Sale and Purchase--The Ship Sale and Purchase service on Marine Online platform are supported by our team of professionals in this field to provide accurate valuation should you require to sell ships or purchase one. Marine Online also provides different online trading services to meet your needs. Being the largest e-commerce service platform for ships and shipowners, you can easily find the right match for your needs in the shortest possible time; Marine Online boasts a large network of ship inspection agencies, port agents, suppliers of different fields, ship financing institutions, maritime lawyers and other service providers thus enabling us to provide a one-stop service for your ship trading needs. With Marine Online ship sale and purchase, we charge 50% lower transaction fee compared to market price, further reducing your transaction costs. --Marine News--Our professional market analysis team provides our users with the most up-to-date maritime news and real market information by collecting key industry news and hot topics around the world on a daily basis Marine Online, as an important trading hub in the industry, will also provide companies with branding promotion, new product/service release, company major event report, media support for exhibition activities, etc., further contributing and supporting the growth of Maritime industry as a whole. --Marine Tools--There are six key marine tools on Marine Online:--Vessel Search: Enquiry for 100,000+ commercial vessels’ basic information (ship’s particulars), real-time position tracking worldwide.--Port Search: Enquire about the port guides, berth information, port agents, etc. of about 3,000 ports around the world.--Distance Calculator: Estimate the distance between world’s main ports and voyage duration.--Port Cost Calculator: Estimate the comprehensive cost of port charges in advance.--Voyage Estimator: Calculate the profit of a single voyage based on the conditions of the rental fee, fuel consumption, and agent fee.--Vessel Valuator: Calculate the current transaction price and future estimated price for the vessel based on broad data of the market transaction. --Member Service--Marine Online has two types of membership packages to suit individual company’s needs:--Registered Member (Free): Corporate users have registered their member accounts on Marine Online, but have not provided company authenticity certification or members who have provided documentation but have yet to pass the verification stage. Such members can only view limited information on Marine Online. Free upgrade to the verified members is recommended.--Verified Member (Free): This membership category is for members who have provided their company’s business license and other documents to Marine Online and passed the authenticity verification. Such members can then set up an online store, publish their products, issue enquiry or quotation, and secure deals through our platform.

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