PT. AK Mkmarindo

PT. AK Mkmarindo
PT. AK MARINDO. Established in 2012, Our company engage [...]
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PT. AK MARINDO. Established in 2012, Our company engaged in Crewing Agency and Crew Supply, our company has the ability to supply crews for local and international companies.We have a professional staff and has experience sailing during fifteen years that can work on crew recruitment, all crew to be employed have been through screening and accurate selection before hand and have a complete maritime certificate STCW 95 with IMO standards. We realize that the quality of the crew plays an important role in the management of the ship. Thus the ship can sail to the destination with safely. On this occasion we offer crew management recruiting highly qualified crew, all seafare already experienced sailing We are professional is sending the required crew directly from jakarta to country destination thus making it most efficient and economical mobilization of crews. The crewman will be sent when we have the list of crewman required and letter of guarantee issued by the company principals. With a quality system, highly-qualified staff and an extensive network of sub-contractors (crew agents overseas, medical centers, travel agents, training centers and crew handling agents). Vision --To be one of the leading suppliers of quality seafarers, and a top provider of ship management services in the local and international shipping industry. Our Mission is to recruit, deploy, and maintain suitable Indonesian seafarers who can deliver our high standard of service to our clients, and to continually improve our ship management services and processes to consistently respond to the needs of times and ever-changing environment of the industry. Mission and Goals --We give prime importance to the career development of our marine and office personnel to continuously improve their competitiveness, remain responsive to change, and to live our values that foster discipline, integrity, respect, unity, hardwork, and the passion to put their best in everything they do - compass our direction towards growth. Commitment --PT.AK Marindo is fully committed to incorporate quality in all phases of work, and to consistently provide high standard of service to its clients. The company undertake to continually improve organizational performance and increase overall effectiveness in the delivery of service that satisfy clientsÂ’ expectations.

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Jl. Jl.Kelapa Dua Kec.Cilincing,Tg.Priok, Jakarta Utara


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