PT. Bintang Kartika Segara was established in 2011 in J [...]
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PT. Bintang Kartika Segara was established in 2011 in Jakarta, it has rapidly grown and established other branches in many other major areas all over Indonesia. Its dramatic growth has been caused by our progressive commercial system and thanks to our committed personality, we have gained many trusted and influential associates. --We are exceptionally meticulous in accomplishing our goals and assuring customers' satisfaction. We listen closely to you and push ourselves to our limits in order to meet your expectations and even exceed them. With our excellent selection of staff, we are ready to engage in all future cooperations with you and fulfill your requests. Crew Management Services --In this day and age the shipping business has come to a point where many of its peripherals are outsourced. In this context, providing the crew for the ships are also outsourced. --BKS recruits and trains crew not only for owned ships but also for our foreign clients. Be it for Oil and Gas Tankers, Cargo Ships and Passenger Ships. BKS also provides a wide range of officers, engineers and ratings. All the crew are tested and trained to meet the International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards. --BKS provides experienced and qualified Officers and crew for all types and sizes of ships to suit each Client's needs. Our philosophy is to provide the best crew members who embrace wholeheartedly our company's spirit of teamwork and dedication to excellence, ensuring the operational efficiency of the ship. --All the services we offer are implemented with a high degree of professionalism, careful follow-up through regular ship visits and close communication with our Clients to confirm that company standards are being achieved. --Our crew management objectives are to ensure that crew are: --- Carefully screened and selected as per STCW requirements --- Embarked and repatriated efficiently --- Monitored for performance --- The subject of comprehensive records --It is company policy to recruit crew who are experienced, certified as necessary and medically fit, appropriate to the operation of each ship. --The implementation of this policy provides a high level of service to the contentment of our crew which, combined with our true care for our crew's welfare, generates a substantial retention rate of qualified seamen to the appreciation of our Clients. --Several services of BKS crew management department : --Payroll Arrangement --Salaries and extras, all overtime, overlapping wages during crew changes, leave pay, seniority and performance bonus, bank charges for crew payments --Crew Insurance --P & I Insurance, crew accident insurance, sickness pay, medical expenses Joining and Repatriation --Travel, visas, immigration expenses, hotel costs, transportation, agency attendance fees, etc. --Crew Supervision --Regular visits onboard, performance evaluation, efficiency supervision --Victualling --Ordering and supply of provisions --Crew Welfare --Safety training and discipline, entertainment / recreation, working clothes / uniforms, slopchest --General Administration --Recruiting, communication, telephone and postage expenses concerning crew --Many thanks for your kind cooperation.

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Menara Karya, 21st floor , Suite 21 F-G, Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Block X-5, Kav 1-2, Jakarta - Indonesia 12950


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