PT Bintang Panggau

PT Bintang Panggau
PT Bintang Marine Services is marine partner and intern [...]
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PT Bintang Marine Services is marine partner and international crewing services. We are manning company built with high spirit to improve shipping industry quality especially Seafarers Human Resources and answering marine worldwide operation challenge. We are fully maintain and guarantee efficient services to our Principals backed by systematized business procedures continuous training base on Quality Safety Helath and Enviromental side. We were presented by an organized high skill personal relationship of providing quality seafarers services in Indonesia to managing leading international shipping companies worldwide thereby showcasing the Indonesian excellence. They are professional managers, socially oriented business who were united by the goal. Companies beginning an independent inspiration due to improvement consideration a rightious recruite arrangement and highly provide professional individu. We are fully committed to carve a name built on trust of our international clients, guided by the commitment to help bring growth in our clients business, to be an excellent provider support of marine crew who has seafaring worlwide maritime operation and provide the right crew members with the right qualifications and experience on the right time to our principals.

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+62 21 43920961; +62 21 4392 0960
Jl.Swasembada Barat XIV No.72, Jakarta Utara, 14320 Indonesia.


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