PT. Ciptakarya Intisemesta

PT. Ciptakarya Intisemesta
PT. CIPTAKARYA INTISEMESTA Shipping Crew Agency is an I [...]
Company details

PT. CIPTAKARYA INTISEMESTA Shipping Crew Agency is an Indonesian seafarer recruitment and placement agency been working for recruitment skillfull Man Power to Our Principals in Local and International. --Now We are expanding our company in Indonesian manning business market. Due to World Globe Demand for Seafarers and We come to Supply our Indonesian professional Seafarers to Your Fleet For Your staff and we gain and achieve the great recognize on national and international market. --We offer complete crew management services to all types of vessels through our crew competence centre located in most of the seafaring nations across the globe. --We understand the importance of providing a high quality, cost effective services for a profitable cooperation. --Finally, by supplying your vessels with our professional seafarers we believe that we can offer you a profitable cooperation. We are waiting for your inquiries and our staff will give you the right assistance and support.

Phone Number
+62 21 780 0261; +62 21 781 3972
Jl. Raya Taman Margasatwa Kav. 2 No. 62 Jakarta Selatan 12540


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