PT Hamburindo Bahari Utama

PT Hamburindo Bahari Utama
PT Hamburindo Bahari Utama was established on july 8th [...]
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PT Hamburindo Bahari Utama was established on july 8th 2013. The company was listed in Public Notary : Hermin Budisetyasih, SH.,Mkn. No.3 --The name of Hamburindo Bahari Utama is taken from a harbor city in Germany which is " Hamburg: ": and name of our country" Indonesia", and it formed the name : "HAMBURINDO BAHARI UTAMA". --The founder of HAMBURINDO BAHARI UTAMA are long work experienced with " Hapag lloyd AG , Germany, EGON Olderdoff, Celebrity Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean International. --We are supported to operating this business to give an assistance to government program which is to increase per capita income, through skilled professional works delivery both for sailor and other fields and to strengthen inter- counties relationship bring forward with developed countries --In achievement of top quality service, PT. HAMBURINDO BAHARI UTAMA uses dynamic organization structure. --PT. HAMBURINDO BAHARI UTAMA appreciates and fully realized that human are our main asset our investment for growth. we have various different personnel who are qualified and experienced in each of their specialization. --Our company is committed to deliver only crew that met standard or even the best crew possible to our client. Therefore we do have an associate and links for our Human Resources that provided an excellent training and education for each individual to reach the standard that required before we deliver them to our client.

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