We would like to introduce our company, is one of Crew [...]
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We would like to introduce our company, is one of Crew Manning Agencies, specializing in supplying Indonesian crew for all types of position to suit various type of vessels We provide a full range of personnel qualified crew which experience in all types of vessels operation such as: Offshore Support Vessels, (AHTS/AHT/PSV) utility, Crew boat, Tug Boat, LCT, Cargo ship, Bulk Carrier, Container ship, Tankers ship, Cruises ship, Crane barge, Dredger, Rigger etc. About us PT. MUTIARA SAODENRAE SERVICES, located in Jakarta - Indonesia which has established in 2007 and it is successfully passed the ISO 9001:2008 and MLC 2006 Certification with Company Registration Number 936/1.824.271 Although the company is considered young in the shipping industry, but at quickly reached a place as one of the most responsible company supplying seafarers to International shipping industry now. Indonesia has been known as maritime oriented nation has good seafarers which qualified, experienced, trained and skilled so that many shipping companies operating in International has been employing Indonesian seafarers and found them satisfactory We have successfully put Indonesian crews to work on the vessels which operated in the water within the territories of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and middle East also ships operating in deep sea as far as west east of Africa and as far – east as the south Pacific Island Management of Services To keep the stability of management, and professionalism on board, the crewmen obtain particular training which is involve in many aspect such: International safety, security, prevention of human injuries, avoidance of damage to the environment and property We perform all kind of interview and select the right related in order to select and collect a qualified crewman for the jobs specified by our clients include English language test We even work closely with a medical team and clinic to make sure that every one we sent to a job is not only skilled, experienced but in good physical and mental health. This activity is carried out by professional managers who include Senior Captain, and Chief Engineer, and others staff effectively in their ability to manage the human resources, designed vessels operation with perfect and punctual service to anticipate needs today's ship owners. Hopely, the above our experiences can be your good reference for you to consider, so we can build co-operation in supplying Indonesian seafarers to your vessels We are confident that we can meet all of the your requirements In case you've got any questions, will you kindly enough to contact us for further information

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