PT.Nur Cahaya Tunggal

PT.Nur Cahaya Tunggal
We are placed to Introduce our company, Namely PT.NUR C [...]
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We are placed to Introduce our company, Namely PT.NUR CAHAYA TUNGGAL as a shipping crew agency. Shipping management, shipment Handling, Ship manning, and forwarding agent. PT. NUR CAHAYA TUNGGAL has been established since 2013. With ISO 9001:2015 and MLC 2008 under the republic of Indonesia low and Notary as a Self-Managed and Private Registered Company. Its main activities are operating supplying and recruiting shipping crews, Offshore Seafarer personnel for local as well as foreign Companies, for any type of vessels We provide you with experienced shipping crews seaman seafarer personnel. Of all kinds of jobs and for all types of vessels( Cruise ships, Containers, RO-RO Ships, Tanker Ships, Survey and supply Vessel, Tug boats, Crane Barge, Fishing ferry ships, fishing vessel all types Offshore / Onshore vessel)

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Jl.delod Brawah,des Tegalcangkring,kec.Mendoyo Kab.jembrana, Bali - Indonesia


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