Established in 1999 USHAM MEKAR ABADI, PT is a Manning [...]
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Established in 1999 USHAM MEKAR ABADI, PT is a Manning & Crew Management and Training Center, specializing in recruitment and supply an Indonesian seafarer to International and domestic shipping operations. --USHAM MEKAR ABADI has more than five years experience in Manning & Crew Management and Training Center Industry which together form the management of a keen, efficient and professional team self motivated people committed to our clients and professional service levels of the company. --Each of the company principals has an area of expertise, which compliments the strengths of the others. We provide a unique mix of result orientated professionals and the highest commitment to quality service. --Over the past years we have a seafarer overseas in general cargo, reefer, gas carriers, tankers, bulk carrier, towing tug, supply (AHTS), fishing Boat and Cruise ship all over the world. --We are also supply for Offshore & Onshore candidates such as Rig superintendent, Toolpusher, Driller, Rig Mechanic, Electrician, Welder, Rigger, Roustabout, Floorman, Painter and some relating position in Offshore and Onshore. --USHAM MEKAR ABADI is committed to your development and continuous improvement in its business systems. All aspects of our business activities are subject to quality processes and standards. We believe our alliance partners are to our corporate standards, which are aggressively monitored and protected. We are committed to continually reviewing and improving all our business processes to ensure best practice.

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Jl. Warakas 7 Gg 8 No. 77 Jakarta Utara Indonesia


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