We are the leading dedicated manning agent company based in Jakarta Indonesia offering local expertise person with an extensive Manpower and human resources background to provide professional service for the specialized International Cargo Vessel, Passenger’s Vessel, Bulk Carrier Vessel, Container vessel, and Fishing Vessel Managed by well experience people that have been in the business…
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Our CORE business is to supply a crew for International Flag Cargo Vessels, Passenger’s Vessel, Supply’s vessel, Tug Boat, Crew’s Boat, Container, Bulk Carrier and Fishing Vessels.

Our main reason we started this business is that we believe we can do better then the other. We can reduce your cost on your recruitment, documentation, training and deployment. Furthermore, with the experience that we have for more than ten year is one of our power in the business.

It is our duty to deal with people whom are having difference ambitions, background and cultures in accordance to your requirements.

Every successful ship owners, operators, and its management depend upon competency of the crew, staff and personnel with proper skill and matching experience.

With more than sufficient management experience, we assure you of our strength and able to customize your manning needs based on your specific requirements.

We at PT. Rona Pratama Citra Abadi bring in such requirement while compile a team of crew members and prepare them for challenges of the assignment to produces desired result for our principal.

Our Vision
One Stop Service for your Human Recourse and Manpower Development.
Recruiting, education, guiding and preparing a qualified Crew accordance to your need.
Building professionalism, resourcefulness and the right attitude to meet challenges of this era of globalisation
Our Mission
We at Rona Pratama Citra Abadi want to do business differently, looking for long lasting partnership with the ship owner/operator.
Because we believe working hand to hand between us it will eliminate for having unqualified manpower that these days being hot issue whom provided by many recruiting agencies have resorted looking for short term profit by providing ship owners with poorly qualified crews.
–We will listen to your specific requirements in order to even proactive in our training and recruiting procedures.

–In our training centre we will tailor these towards your specific needs.

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62 21 4353888
62 21 4350512
Perkantoran Yos Sudarso Megah
Jl. Yos Sudarso No.1/B9 Jakarta
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