Sea Sea Singapore Pte Ltd

Sea Sea Singapore Pte Ltd
Sea Sea Shipping Limited was established in 2007 in ord[...]
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Sea Sea Shipping Limited was established in 2007 in order to provide shipping services to the tanker market. Our team identified gaps in the market where their extensive knowledge, and years of experience, could maximise our clients' shipping requirements.----Commercial Management of Tankers--Our extensive knowledge of the worldwide tanker markets ensure we can offer tanker Owners a service that ensures an optimum return on their investment. Some Owners prefer not to incur the cost of having in-house specialised staff when they can use the services of an existing skill base that offers both the service and a critical mass not achievable individually.----Our extensive skill base is further enhanced through our Directors who allow us to call on skills ranging from ship finance to average adjusting. Together we offer the commercial interface between Owners and Charterers.

6 Shenton Way Tower Two, #18-08A, Singapore 068809


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