Sillo Bahari Nusantara Crewing Agency. PT

Sillo Bahari Nusantara Crewing Agency. PT
ndonesia, the largest archipelago in the world, is one of the fastest growing markets for maritime transportation. As a result, there is a vast collection of experienced professional seamen in Indonesia. Sillo Bahari Nusantara (Sillo) has proven to be a reliable link between these professionals and the global marine industry.
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1987 : P.T.SilloGandongLua was established and started supplying crew to OSA (Offshore Supply Association).

1996 : P.T.SilloBahari Nusantara was established to replace P.T. SilloGandongLua and officially became the Manning Contractor of Tidewater Marine International, Singapore.

Now : P.T.SilloBahari Nusantara is supplying crew to multinational shipping companies in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Africa.

Born on March 17, 1932, Max Pattinaja started his working career as a teacher of a junior high school in Ambon. In 1960 he left for Jakarta where he enrolled in the Indonesian Maritime Academy while working through the ranks of CTC Navigation company. His position as Insurance Manager allowed him the opportunity to study in America. In 1975 he joined Pertamina and in time reached the position of Commercial Manager for PertaminaTongkang. Upon retirement in 1985, he founded PT SilloGandungLua which later became PT SilloBahari Nusantara and PT Sillo Maritime Perdana.

During the course of his tenure in PertaminaTongkang, Max obtained his Masters degree in Economics and taught at University of Indonesia’s extension courses. An accomplished speaker, he was engaged to speak in many national forums where he liberally expressed his nationalistic views and supported movements for peace and unity. He joined the Baku Bac Movement in 2002 in order to help achieve peace and unity in the islands of Maluku, his homeland. A year later, he was appointed as Assistant Director of the Titian Peace Institution, a social organization that focuses on attempts to accomplish peace in Indonesia’s conflict areas.

His literary works include “Maluku – Today and Hopeful Expectations”, 2006; “How Maluku Should Welcome RI’s 100th Independence Day (2045)”, August 2007; “This Republic May Fall Without the Javanese Culture”, November 2008; “Ratapan di SepanjangPantaiFirdaus” (Weeping on the Shores of Paradise), March 2010; and “Beta BanggaMenjadiAnakAlifuru” (I Am Proud to be a Child of Maluku), October

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  1. I have worked in a cruise ship company /Holland America Line since 1991, now I need to work to be a sailor. My previous position was as a cabin steward. if there is a position for me. please email me. thank you


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