6 Tips to Avoid Job Vacancies Scams


InfoPelaut.com – Since then until now there are often job vacancies fraud, whether it's job vacancies on land or at sea. Various fraudulent modes have been carried out by master fraudsters who usually target novice crews or new jobseekers or even take advantage of the moment when sailors have been unemployed for a long time.

6 tips to avoid seafarer job scams
6 tips to avoid seafarer job scams

Here are tips to avoid job vacancies, especially for seafarers:

1. Verify Every Job Vacancies

When we see job vacancies, the first step is to look at the company name or ship name. After we get the company name, try asking fellow seafarers about the company's reputation.

Look for company information via google. is they have an office, website, workers in the office? Equate the newly obtained information with the company's official office/website. If something feels strange to be more vigilant.

Be wary of job postings that only include personal contacts such as cellphone/whatsapp numbers or ask directly to the inbox. Cultivate a mindset

if it's true that the company needs seafarers, why should they cover up the company's name? Something must be wrong! -InfoPelaut.com

2. Ask the seaman Group for those vacancies

In social media there are many seamans group on. We can ask for job vacancies that are fraudulent or not by asking directly in the group. There must be many more senior and experienced seafarers to provide advice or recommendations for steps to be taken.

3. Pay Attention to the email / website vacancy

Generally, companies must have an email address with their own company name or a paid email. Beware of vacancies that include emails with free email services from google, hotmail, yahoo, outlook, etc.

4. Administrative costs

Some companies do not charge a penny in the recruitment process, but there are also those that require administrative costs in the recruitment process, it all depends on the policies of each company.

The thing to note is never to give money before your departure is clear, such as a contract signature, Letter Guarantee, Ticket, and departure schedule. Always double check asking other seafarers.

5. Don't ever post a CV recklessly

Several times, it is often seen that seamans share their CVs on social media, whether it's in groups, comments, status, etc. This inviting fraudsters to contact you with various scheme.

6. Learn Seaman jobs Fraud Scheme

Sweet promises

This is a mode that usually takes advantage of seafarers who have been unemployed for a long time. Fraudsters give sweet promises such as fast departure, big salaries, and good boats if they dare to pay money in advance. Its characteristics are to provide information in a hasty manner such as leaving tomorrow / later tonight / later in the afternoon so that potential victims are lulled and in a hurry to follow this swindler's rotten way to transfer some money.

Fake identities of Company or crew manager

Fraudsters claim to be a well-known company to launch their actions. Usually the contact person is replaced and then disguised as the company, which of course ends up asking for money directly or by transfer. Check the contact person through the official office/website!

Fake Company

Fraudsters create fictitious companies on the internet. Spread vacancies everywhere. Capture CVs that have entered to then commit fraudulent actions.

Referral to Buy Travel Tickets

This mode is usually side by side with the modus operandi of fake companies or profiteering well-known companies. Candidates are asked to buy travel tickets that have collaborated with the company. The mode is that travel costs will be replaced later, but when we have transferred, it is confirmed that the party cannot be contacted again.


Those are tips to avoid job vacancies, especially for seafarers. Always be carefull of seafarer job scams.

If you have experience or know of new modes please tell in the comments column. Then we will record all modes, fraudulent contact persons, fraudulent company names so that all seafarers are protected from fraudulent actions.

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