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Baker Consult – Owner Chris Baker Chris is a human resources professional who has worked in the maritime sector for the past three decades, predominately focused on shipboard personnel crew management and development. He is an experienced leader who has worked with ship owners, ship managers and in the oil & gas energy sector, which includes a dynamic 12-year period with BP. Baker Consult With a vision for recruitment, crew management/performance & development, Chris set-up Baker Consult (Singapore) in 2021. A business purposeful in providing a professional, open and flexible approach, tailoring the service to the specific needs of both the aspiring job seeker and discerning employers. The focus is clear in providing quality maritime recruitment, crewing administrative and marine assurance services. A vision based upon the aim to stand out as a go to business through the provision of quality services. High standards to be achieved through the application of extensive time-served maritime industry people management experience and expertise. A key strength is in having come from within the business we have the benefit of deep industry experience to draw upon. We have business partners located in the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, and Cyprus. This offers the advantage of a broader range of knowledge and expertise to be called upon, complimenting the services provided. Services: - Maritime Recruitment: Our experience base is built directly from within the market sector that that our services are being focused towards and pitched at. Time-served experience which is key to understanding how to meet a clients’ needs. Our recruitment services include shore-based maritime and shipping roles and shipping seagoing roles (based on permanent recruitment, contract and interim). Our fees are competitive comparatively with other recruiters in the maritime sector. We are enthusiastic and driven towards providing a service tailored to the particular needs of your organisation. Key is developing a solid and understanding working relationship with the client. Baker Consult is a Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) compliant business authorised to operate a Seafarer Recruitment and Placement Service. We are registered with the Singapore Ministry of Manpower (MOM) as a licensed Employment Agency holding a Comprehensive License.

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