Comarco Singapore Pte Ltd

Comarco Singapore Pte Ltd
The Comarco Group (“Comarco”) was established in Mombas[...]
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The Comarco Group (“Comarco”) was established in Mombasa, Kenya in 1971 before expanding its range of activities and area of operations to working throughout the Indian Ocean and along the entire eastern Africa seaboard and interior.----Comarco operates throughout Asia and Africa providing services by sea and river, over beaches and on land to the oil industry, offshore and onshore projects, construction and logistics organisations using Comarco’s experience, know-how, and equipment.----Comarco is now the leading marine and specialized contractor, with over forty years experience in the region, owning and operating its own fleet of tugs, barges, supply vessels and specialized equipment for offshore, close shore and beach operations.

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+65 6542 0821; +65 9222 5597
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222 Loyang Avenue #01-04 Loyang Valley, Singapore 509068


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