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MANINDO OCEAN is an Indonesian company, located in the [...]
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MANINDO OCEAN is an Indonesian company, located in the South East Asian archipelago. The islands spread between the Indian and Pacific oceans. The main islands are Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Java and Irian Jaya. Jakarta is the country’s capital of Indonesia. Indonesia hasmore than 200 million people, the fourth most populated country in the world. Furthermore, we have some crews from various ethnic with high motivation to support your business activities. --Due to increasing number of seafarers from Indonesia, we are glad to assist our clients to provide excellent crews to the wide world to support your business activities become more effective and efficient. Our Vision isto become Indonesia’s best manpower consultant and with our mission to provide excellent crews continuously to meet the requirements.

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6221 4308198
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jl. Swasembada Barat II no 44 Kebon Bawang, Jakarta Utara 14320 INDONESIA Phone/Fax +62 21 4308198


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