Pascorpor Crewing Agency

Pascorpor Crewing Agency
PASCORPOR CREWING AGENCY . The cottage is addressed at [...]
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PASCORPOR CREWING AGENCY . The cottage is addressed at Surya Mandala Housing Block E1 No. 10 Rt.004/Rw.013 South Bekasi 17146 - INDONESIA , which has long been engaged in the distribution of Indonesian seafarers to work on a fishing boat company and we are ready to cooperate with an international company that is the largest . PASCORPOR CREWING AGENCY is a company Crewing and Manning Agency based in Indonesia . We serve the needs of companies of foreign fishing vessels that need workers potentially Indonesian seamen and able to speak English well . We distribute Indonesian sailors on foreign fishing vessels operating in the region often Mauritius , Trinidad , South Africa , Fiji , Namibia , Reunion , Durban , Falkland Islands and etc. . PASCORPOR CREWING AGENCY providing Indonesian seafarer employment as required by the foreign ship companies . We guarantee our Indonesian sailors potential , able to speak English well and have a sense of family . With this we hope to establish cooperation with your company . We offer cooperation that Indonesian sailors we follow strict procedures of selection with a high standard of competence , experience , quality , good knowledge of the English language , honesty , has a spirit & motivation, workplace safety , and loyalty . Our Sailors are ready to work in a foreign fishing vessel manifold Purse Seiner , Trawler , Long liner , Fishing gear , and etc . In this case we want to distribute Indonesian sailors were professional and well experienced to join your fishing boat and we expect to cooperate with you for mutual cooperation without damaging each other . We sincerely hope to join the company of foreign fishing vessels that lead. We expect to ship owners / managers and ensure that we meet their needs and principles of management , and if there are any questions please do not hesitate to contact us . We are waiting for a response from you . Thank you for your attention and cooperation. Your prompt response would be highly appreciated.

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Perumahan Pondok Surya Mandala Blok E1 No 10 Rt.004/Rw.013 Bekasi Selatan 17146 - INDONESIA


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