PT.FBT ( PT.Fachrul Bunga Tanjung)

PT.FBT ( PT.Fachrul Bunga Tanjung)
PT.FBT ( PT.Fachrul Bunga Tanjung). is one of the leadi [...]
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PT.FBT ( PT.Fachrul Bunga Tanjung). is one of the leading private crew management and manning companies in Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali). Our main activities are crew management with full or partial crew. We are at the forefront in sourcing of experienced / qualified Marine Officers / Engineers and provide ship-owners and ship managers with quality personnel management services tailored specifically to their requirements. Our aim is to provide a quality service where our customers have total confidence in our ability to manage the human resources that we are responsible for on their behalf, leaving them the freedom to concentrate on the other aspects of ship operation, management and ownership. We maintain an extensive database of highly selected, experienced and STCW-95 / STCW 2010 certified seafarers for various types of vessels, readily available upon request. They are screened by our expert recruiting team. We ensure screened and selected seafarers are the best in the maritime industry for their professionalism, efficiency, reliability and adaptability, not to mention, their proficiency in English language both oral and written. The Company aims to maintain zero incidents on its placements. Close cooperation with clients ensures that we maintain high standards of crew management in this regard. MARINE MANAGEMENT --a) SHIP MANAGEMENT --PT.FBT (PT.Fachrul Bunga Tanjung). is one of the leading ship management companies in Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali). We manage ships professionally and ensure Quality Ship Management. We ensure total satisfaction of our Clients. Safety Management ( ISM ) implementation and compliance is our trademark which is getting globally endorsed. We are under certification process from various Flags including Flag of Convenience for Document of Compliance. --We specializes ship management for various Types and Categories of Ships under the supervision of most qualified Marine Professionals. Crew Manning Services --Screening, selection and hiring of experienced and qualified Indonesia Maritime Officers, Engineers and Ratings, all of who are certified according to STCW95 requirements, and with a good command of English: --Embarkation, onboard appraisals and repatriation of seamen through a tailored crew management program: --Crew administration, forward planning, deployment, union relationships and training facilities in Bali --Cruise Crew Recruitment --Hiring, selection and deployment of cruise crew from Indonesia --Strict selection criteria based on candidatesÂ’ competency, experience, language competency, STCW95 certifications and their moral conduct: --Maintenance of crew records, administration, payroll, medical, insurance, consultancy, training management, reporting and crew scheduling. Training and Development English language program for all seagoing personnel: --Orientation of policies and procedures are briefed in accordance to the Principal Partners and safety management systems on the vessels: --Vocational training courses are well-organised to prepare personnel for advancement in customer-service oriented position, guided by industry professionals. Recruitment Campaign Management Interview, selection and engagement of maritime candidates through online-based tests, technical interview and English language fluency tests --Job vacancy, job advertisements, online media engagement and CV response management Value-added services including provision of interview facilities, arrangement for pre-employment checks, and travel arrangements.

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Jln.Re Martadinata No.40 Bak air 1,bunga tanjung priok- north Jakarta


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