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Chuanhai International Shipping was established in 2010, professional dispatch of Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and other places of merchant crew and ocean fishermen. To Dalian, Zhoushan, Yantai, Shanghai, Fuzhou and other shipowners and Taiwan Huiyang, four-dimensional shipping company sent a large number of senior / general crew. The company focused on the development of sending Burma, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries AB, OILER and senior crew to the domestic flag ship.

Our company is now committed to becoming the most cost-effective foreign crew to send the company, we will be based on the size of your ship, hanging flag, take the route, want to pay wages, to you to whom the country’s crew and the level of the crew , Management fees and wages for the owner of the control in the most reasonable range, more, fast, good, province, with the owner of the various requirements. The crew certificate is true and effective, the crew honestly, the contract period is long. Part of the crew and understand simple Chinese. Low wages, and effective savings for the owner.

Our company is the only Chinese shipping company certified by the Philippine Embassy, can legally dispatch Philippine crew and fishermen to domestic ships. At the same time, the company has set up offices in Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Foreign crew business:
1. Myanmar general / officer
2. Vietnamese general / officer
3. Interns and regular crew members in Bangladesh
4. Indonesian oil crew and tugboat crew
5. Philippine crew

I choose the crew procedures:
1. Verify the certificate and make sure that the certificate is valid and valid
2. Check the English for the crew
3. Verification of qualifications

Interview process:
1. Submit your resume
2. Provide crew to shoot self-English intro video
3. Telephone or video interview

Crew Center

Crew recommendation & Latest recommendation
Chuanhai International Shipping provide :

1. Vietnamese Crew & Fisherman

Vietnamese Crew
Vietnamese Crew
Vietnamese Crew - Fisherman
Vietnamese Crew – Fisherman


2. Myanmar Crew & Fisherman

myanmar crew
myanmar crew
myanmar Fisherman
myanmar Fisherman

3. Indonesian Crew & Fisherman

Indonesian Crew
Indonesian Crew
Indonesian Fisherman
Indonesian Fisherman

4. Bangladesh Crew

bangladesh crew
bangladesh crew

5. Filipino Crew & Fisherman

Filipino Crew
Filipino Crew
Philipine Fisherman
Philipine Fisherman


Contact details

CHH Shipping International Co., LTD 川海国际船务有限公司
Address : 福建省福州市连江贵安新天地商务中心1号楼2007室

Website Address :

Email Address :
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Phone Number :

Crewing Phone 
Emma Yang 15659385115



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