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Indonesia, consisting of more than 13.000 islands, has [...]
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Indonesia, consisting of more than 13.000 islands, has been knows as maritime oriented nation. It produce not only natural resources but also good seafarers which are presently more found working on board international vessels of various flags. History has been recorded Indonesian seafaring as far as west east of Africa and as far-east as the south pacific island many centuries ago. Indonesia a naturally maritime oriented people, backed by diligence good behavior and conduct, skills and abilities obtained through education’s and training, the Indonesian seafarers are found more in the International maritime industries as ship personnel, in the navigation, engine and hotel department of cruise vessels. --CV PUTRI MANDIRI is a company specially established to serve the International maritime industry, particularly to supply of ship’s personnel. For this future the company has designed its operation with “perfect and punctual services “ to is principal. It cooperate closely with all parties involve in the industry, special focus is directed to the education and training field in order to be able to supply the best qualified seafarers. Although the company is considered young in the industry, at reached a place as one of the most responsible company supplying seafarers to international maritime industry. --Many shipping companies operating international has been employing Indonesian seafarers since the early seventies and found the satisfactory. Not only are found on board Cargo vessels, tanker, Bulk Carrier, Fishing Vessels, etc. but also thousands operating luxury cruise vessels through out the world. Being an internationally oriented recruiting agency, CV PUTRI MANDIRI, branches its activities also to cater for supply offshore and onshore based workers with the same high standard of qualification.

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+62 819812123
Taman Harapan Indah Blok E No. 1 RT02 RW10, Bengkong Laut, Bengkong, Batam-Indonesia 29458.


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